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Hands of Hope – East Africa


The Mission of Hands of Hope is to improve the lives of the most marginalized children, the ones most often ignored and forgotten and at-risk children primarily in East Africa.


Our Vision is to bring joy, inspiration, and hopes to all are under our care, that our organization provides a true help, Christian education and that our service glorifies the Lord in all his majesty.

HANDS OF HOPE EAST AFRICA we believe education in is the key to self-sufficiency. That is why we place such a strong emphasis on educating the children under our care. Without such emphasis, any assistance would simply be a bandage solution and not fix the long-term problems affecting these areas.


Goals: -To provide residential care, education for street children, orphaned, poor, vulnerable and impoverished children and to ensure that they have full access to Christian education, through school and through vocational training.

-To provide assistance for children who are living with impoverished families in the villages -in order to enable them to continue with their education and hence open up opportunities for employment.
-To relieve the hardship of orphaned, impoverished and vulnerable children whose parents have become the victims of HIV.
-To provide catering school for residential and community.
-To improve education on school environment and water quality for children at school.

It is the desire of Hands of Hope East Africa to provide rehabilitation, medical care and education for hundreds and thousands of affected, orphaned, abandoned, and destitute children and adolescents in East Africa. With the right opportunities, destitute children and adolescents can become self-sufficient and responsible adults in godly way. These opportunities enrich not only individual children, but are passed on to the community, the nation, and future generations.

We have a vision of building a center to cater for this. The Hands of Hope center will have:

  • A children’s home
  • School
  • Library
  • Administration block
  • Dormitory
  • Chapel
  • Staff quaters
  • Clinic
  • A dining hall

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