Hands of Hope

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Street health outreach

Helping children transition off of the streets and into a more stable & healthy environment.

Street Health Outreach

The best way to connect with children on the streets is to get out on the streets with them. Through our street Health outreach program, we meet children where they are. We provide a variety of services with the ultimate goal of helping children transition off of the streets and into a more stable, healthy, and appropriate environment.

Street visits

Our street Health outreach team, made up of staff members and volunteers,¬†walks the streets regularly between 9am and 6pm once in week when children are most vulnerable and available. Team members¬†spend time with the children they encounter and build relationships with them over time. Through these informal visits, the street medical outreach team provides basic medical care, crisis counseling, social support, health education, food and clothing. Engaging with street medical outreach workers is generally the first step in a child’s transition off of the streets.

Special events and activities

Throughout the year, the street medical outreach team organizes special events and activities for children living on the streets. These include games and joke time, complete medical exams. Ultimately, these activities are simply other ways we use to communicate to children that they are valued and worthy.

Training and advocacy

Children on the streets inevitably interact with various community organizations – like hospitals, justice departments, and churches. Our street Health outreach team provides training workshops to help these entities better understand the unique needs of street children and how to best respect and protect the rights of these children.

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