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Feeding Program

School-based lunches for schools who need it

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

We are an organization assisting poor student in poor rural areas to carry out school feeding programmes. We work closely with the District Education Officers (DEOs) to identify needy schools based on the number of orphans or poor attending and the the type of school (government school, community school or orphanage). The main problems faced by the students in these schools are:

Many poor, orphaned pupils/ student drop out of school because of poverty/ hunger. Since many pupils/ students are attracted to education through school feeding programmes, many of those who drop out when there is no feeding scheme will no longer have any enthusiasm for going to school and thus face forced early marriage.

There is a lack of adequate food with which to run the programme in the schools. Our organization has been managing the programme through fundraising, charitable donations from local food companies and well-wishers or friends. Better meals prevent the problem of malnutrition associated with poor diet, hence the need to provide pupils or students with a balanced diet.

There is an ever-growing need for support by schools in poor rural areas, especially in semi-arid areas where food security is low. They face tremendous problems to attaining and achieving basic education amongst their people.


What is your project and how will it help?

The goal of the project is to provide school-based lunches for schools where we see the need need. Most of the pupils in these schools are poor, orphans and vulnerable children.

The main objective of the programme is to increase the ability of girls to learn, particularly in those from a poor background and to decrease the number of girls who are discriminated against, exploited and neglected. Also to increase the number of girls enrolled in schools at all levels and maintain them in schools by providing them with a way to access education.

The project is expected to have nutritional benefits. There is evidence that school feeding programmes have a positive impact on nutrition. In some instances, parents may provide less food at home, and the school meal simply replaces a home meal rather than adding food to the child’s diet. There will also be an impact on education as there is a link between hunger and learning. Children in school feeding and food for education programmes are better able to learn especially when the food is accompanied by other inputs related to school quality. There will also be an impact on attendance. The evidence suggests that school feeding programmes can increase attendance rates, especially for girls. School feeding or take-home rations serve as incentives for enrolling children in school and encouraging daily attendance. Girls who drop-out of school tend to get married at an early age. The programme will also alleviate short-term hunger andiIncrease the attention and concentration of children/students.


How can other people partner with us on this project?

All donor foundations, well wishers and corporate bodies can partner with Hands of Hope East Africa towards this programme through contributions, funding and manpower/ skills and pray.

Please detail the resources that we need.

Feel free to help for some you can.

Estimated food stuffs per school per term:

maize @ Ksh. 3,200 per bag
Dry Beans@ Ksh. 6,100 per bag
cooking oil @ Ksh. 2,700 per Jerri-can
rice @ Ksh. 9,850 per bag
sugar@ Ksh. 150 per Kilogram
Chocolate of cookies@ Ksh. 2,000 per box
powdered milk@ Ksh. 1,400 per box
White muffins (average Ksh. 3,000
Green grams @ Ksh. 9,000 per bag
Green vegetables @ Ksh. 1,000 per bag

Additional cost:

Transportation cost of food stuffs to the schools @ Ksh. 200 per

Ksh = Kenya Shillings

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